My 4 Pillars – Eat


This next blog, are my thoughts and take-aways from the book, The 4 Pillar Plan, about what to eat, to help you see that it is possible to change to a lifestyle that will help you and your family for life and not just short term fixes.

Is there a “right” diet? 

With so many diets around where you do this or do that, it seems to me that it is very confusing and somewhat hard to know what to do for the best and which one is right for you. I have taken away from The Four Pillars, five rules which seem quite simple and I can follow them quite easily. I did, however, introduce them one at a time.


Remove sugar from what you eat or drink. I did not realise how much sugar I was eating and drinking until you stop to have a look. Drink more water and cut out the sugar in my coffee. When I want a piece of chocolate, it is ok, but not all the time. Look at it as a treat and replace the craving with a piece of fruit or handful of nuts. I could also have done a quick breathing exercise, to stop myself from going to the cupboard and picking up that bar of chocolate.

Eat the rainbow

When you look at your plate of food, how colourful is it? Try to put colour on your plate. Different colours give you different nutrients.  

Fruit, Mixed, Color, Food

Have an eating window. 

Only eat at certain times of the day. This idea seems restrictive, but when you take time to look at this closely it’s not as bad as it seems. Don’t eat before 7 in the morning and stop eating after 7 in the evening. This does include drinking as well. You will be fasting for 12 hours a day, giving your body time to digest and reset itself. You might not always be able to follow this but that’s ok or you might even find yourself just moving those times to suit your day.  


Drink more water. I wasn’t drinking enough water, I thought I was, then I tracked how much I was. Just kept a mental note for one day. I thought I was getting about 3 litres when it was about half. Drinking water allows us to concentrate more while working, sleep better, stops those hunger thoughts and reduce the need for sugar. You could buy yourself a water bottle which you will be able to monitor how much you are drinking, making sure you get 1.2 litres a day. 

You will also find that the water helps digest the food and get rid of substances, such as alcohol.

Processed food

Cut out the processed food you eat. Start making your meals which can be fun and be part of your time. Put the music on and get cooking. I find cutting and slicing fruit and veg therapeutic and relaxing. 

It also means I know what is going to be put on my plate and I can choose the colours. To start with I just did lunches and then onto breakfasts. I will move onto dinners but that is part of my long-term goal, where I am home in time to be able to cook the evening dinner.

I hope you found this useful and it makes up part of the four pillars. Look out for the next one and be sure to like Kev Field Coaching on social media for information on how I’m giving back and helping others to succeed and grow in this ever-changing world.