My 4 Pillars – Sleep


In this next blog, these are my thoughts and take-aways from the book, The 4 Pillar Plan, about how to get a good night’s sleep, to help you see that it is possible to change to a lifestyle that will help you and your family for life and not just short term fixes.

Sleep, in my opinion, is so underrated. If I relate this to driving it makes it easier for me and hopefully you to understand further. Driving while tired is proven to be worse than drink driving! Now let us just think about that. How many of us would get behind the wheel and drive while potentially over the limit? Now answer this question, how many people drive while feeling tired or exhausted?

RATE Yourself

We are all different and need different amounts of sleep and would be hard to say you need this amount to be effective, but what you can do is RATE yourself on these 3 questions –

Refreshed – Do you wake up feeling refreshed?

Alarm – Do you wake up at the same time (within 30 minutes) every day without an alarm?

Time Elapsed – Do you fall asleep within 30 minutes?

Score yourself using the numbers below

0 – Never or rarely

1 – Occasionally

2 – Almost always

What do you need to do, to improve your quality of sleep?

Create a space of darkness to be able to sleep in. Probably not so hard in the winter months but harder in the summer.

Ditch the tech!

Dr Rangan Chattergee suggests a break from tech 90 minutes before bed. I found this hard as I use my phone as the alarm clock and placed on the bedside table, but I do now try not to do social media after 8/8:30. Work issues are left after this time until the next morning otherwise it just gets me back into work mode at a time when I don’t need that distraction. This area is a work in progress for me.

Social Media, Facebook, Smartphone, Iphone, Mobile

What I have found out, is that when you put all these 4 pillars together that they help each other. 

The effects of one knock onto the next. 

When I sleep better, I eat better, I concentrate more, being more productive, make better decisions, have time for me and able to get out and move. This doesn’t just help me; it affects the way that I interact with the family and their lifestyle. We are all eating better and living well. Developing routines help and I hope this will help you achieve a longer and healthier life.

I hope you found these articles useful in it making up your four pillars. Look out for the future ones and be sure to like Kev Field Coaching on social media for information on how I’m giving back and helping others to succeed and grow in this ever-changing world.