DISC Personality Profiling

The DISC personality and awareness tool give you a personal insight into your strengths, areas for development and how your personality acts in different environments.

It highlights areas to improve productivity, communication and within teams. 

If you knew more about yourself, your personality traits, you will start to recognise the traits of others, which in turn will enable you and your team to build better relationships, increase rapport and increase the chances of success with individuals or groups.

Your DISC profile is split into 4 areas:

Dominance – “D” style

Influence – “I” style

Steadiness – “S” style

Compliance – “C” style

Words to describe each style are as follows

D Style





I Style





S Style




Security Seeking

C Style





The profile will also look at whether you are Outgoing, People focussed, Reserved or Task focussed and from the diagram below you can see where these are placed in relationship to the different styles.

We all have some of each of the “style”, but the profile will highlight our preferred way of being and might change on the environment that we are in.  With the profile completed, you will then be more informed and be able to make better choices in the outcome that you seek.

The profile will help you in the following areas:

  • Identify goals and fears
  • Areas for improvement
  • What motivates you
  • The speed you prefer to work at
  • How to interact better with other “styles”
  • How to deal with pressure situations or environments

The profile is completed online, answering a series of questions, taking no more than 8 minutes, you will receive it back and then have a coaching session to explain, highlight areas and give you an action plan to take away. Great to use within your team or individually.  Unlocking the missing links to improve work productivity, communication and teamwork.