What is learning?

Learning is knowledge acquired through study, experience, or being taught.  You also know if learning has taken place if you can use your new skills not just in the now, but also in the future.

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How do we learn?

We learn in 4 main ways or in a combination of these ways, depending on the task you are attempting or learning about.

Visual – Using diagrams, pictures, colourful presentations will make the subject you are learning about easier on the eye.  You will be able more stimulated rather than just seeing words on a piece of paper or screen.

Audible – Likes to listen to people talking about the subject or explaining what the subject or pictures mean.  Audible learners might also like to listen to audio books or talk themselves through a situation to be able to understand better.

Read/Write – Will like to read a book and then write about it.  You might take notes during someone talking abut the subject.  You might also be very descriptive in your writing and like making lists of tasks to do and how to do them in an order.

Kinaesthetic – Practical people.  Like to have a go at something and find out what happened to work out what to improve to make it better or work.  Are very hands on and likes to touch the surface to feel it.

Multi Modal – This is where you choose a combination of learning styles that will help you learn the subject or task best.  An example of this is where read the instructions to identify the parts and place them in an order where you can then have a go at building it.

How can I help you?

At Kev Field Coaching, we are trained to notice the language you use, your body language expressed and relate back to times when you have been successful, to understand what is the best way forward for you, so you have the best chance of success in the future.  Every day is a learning day and not everyone will learn the same way, so highlighting the best way for you to learn and create that same environment, you will feel confident in knowing you have made the correct choice in moving you towards where you want to get to.


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