The Power of DISC Profiling

What is DISC Profiling?

What would it be like to communicate effectively to everyone?

How would you like to be communicated to?

What would it be like to understand the people puzzle?

What are the benefits of understanding people better?

What do you get from completing a DISC Profile?

DISC Profiling is a personality profile tool that enables you to unlock the people puzzle.  You will find out what motivates people, the environment that enables them to be productive, how they prefer to complete tasks, how they process information and at what speed they prefer to work.  You will be able to notice the way people talk, the words they use, the speed at which they work, and the amount of information needed to be able to work effectively.

Have you ever wondered why you click with one person but not so much with another?  Are you on the same wavelength as other people?  Do you need to know all the information before you start a task, or do you want to just jump in and find out what is wrong as you go along?  Once you understand or start to notice people and their preferences, you can have better relationships which will lead to improved results.

The DISC Profile will give you an insight into how you might best communicate to an individual and how they will prefer to receive feedback.  Through completing the questionnaire, you will receive an individual graph which you can use to find out your personality style.  This graph will help you visualise yours and other preferences in the way people work, interact, and develop as individuals.  Once you know this, you can then make better informed decisions on the way that you communicate to others.  You will also be able to recognise other people’s personality and choose the best way to communicate to them.

Everyone is individual and the more we understand about their personality, the better we can communicate and work together in a more harmonious way, which will lead to a rise in productivity.

This is just a snapshot of the DISC Profiling tool and if you wanted to find out more or book to find out your own personality, then get in touch.